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November 24, 2012
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Assassins by moni158 Assassins by moni158
I wonder who would win in a fight... =.= My bet is on Connor

I haven't even played Assassins creed 1, so I guess this is the first time I've drawn Altair..?

Also I am very surprised by how many people don't like Connor... :stare: I adore him, he is so naive, grumpy and frustratingly suborn, Though I do love his rude classy father. Anyway I haven't finished the game yet, I'm stuck at a horribly glitchy level...and its really pissing me off =.= I think I will just get my brother to do that mission for me...because I am lazy.

Oh yes...and I tried to use 'subdued colours' for once in my life. Also excuse the anatomical errors everywhere...OTL I seem to only spot them once I have passed the point of no return.

OH YES! Almost forgot! I love AC 3 because you can invert the Y and X axis...and that's how I like to play my games, because I am very very weird...I blame final fantasy. Dishonored was really hard to play because I kept trying to turn and ended up turning the wrong way and getting killed...:grump:

*edit, Ezio's arm is under the cloak thingy. =.= why do I need to point this out?

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