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August 29, 2011
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(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)

Iris-Moonflower gave her silky black and purple hair a flick, as she walked through the front entrance to her new school Daikoku Private Academy. She wore her black lace up corset over her intricate Lolita style dress and black knee height lace up boots. It wasn't long before she found her classroom, she had no map but her psychic abilities came in handy and finding the room was easy. She entered the room and was greeted by the face of her drooling classmates. 'Sit next to me' repeated throughout the classroom as she made her way to the back. She cared little for the affections of others and rather kept to herself. It wasn't long before she noticed a boy looking at her, she knew of him. Light Yagami was his name and he was glancing her way rather curiously. Something felt off about him and she made a mental note to keep out of his way.

"Alright class" the drool and dull teacher announced, "we have a new student today. Miss-uh Iris-Moonflower Uzumaki…?"
"Yes, that is I" Iris called, her saccharine voice made all the boys drool and the girls blush behind their hands. Iris ignored them. They were probably jealous of her cool name. She got to choose it herself after her parents were murdered in front of her when she was ten. The name Uzumaki was from the anime Naruto, who had a nine-tailed fox inside him. Iris was so envious.

Light gazed forlornly at what had to be the most beautiful girl in the world. He couldn't pull his eyes away from her massive balloon-sized breasts, but it was her mis-matched eyes that really drew him in. One was teal with toma's swirling around in it's glossy depths. The other was a startling magenta with a stunning star-shaped pupil.

Iris could see a really hot guy (A/N: LOL ITS TOTALLY LIGHT ^.^) checking her out, out of the corner of her eye. With a sudden jolt, her super psychic powers kicked in and she saw who Light really was. She saw him writing down names in an evil little book with dramatic swishing motions. A disgusting yet awesome looking monster was hovering at his back. Ew, that's really gross. That's what he thinks justice is? What an idiot. Justice is like, hunting down that guy that killed your parents. He's not justice. I'm justice. My brother totally murdered and raped my parents. I should kill him or something.

The day was pretty boring. Some guys tried to look up her cool two-layered frilly skirt that she got at Hot Topic for two-hundred dollars (her foster parents are really mean but they give her lots of money, so, to spite them, Iris likes to buy like all the goth stuff because it totally reflects her deep and wounded heart).

Anyway, some girl tried to ask her to sit with them but Iris ignored her. They'd never understand what she was going through. When she got home, she immediately stripped off all her clothes and put on her lacy pyjamas that her foster dad got for her. He's a total pervert but she liked them cause they were black and fishnet.

Gracefully jumping on her bed, Iris pulled out the Life Note that she hid under a floorboard beside her bed. It was kinda like the Death Note that Light Yagami had but instead of killing people, it brought them back to life. Unless you wrote their name backwards, then they would die. Iris hadn't written anything in it yet, because she didn't think anyone who died, deserved to live. She was justice after all.

With a huge flash of light, that only Iris could see, Fallen Twilight-Star appeared, the floor beneath him was smouldering and they intricate symbols burnt into the wood. This always happened and Iris' confused foster mom would clean them up and ask her where they came from. God, her mom was such a bitch, she would never stop nagging it her. It was fucking annoying.

Fallen Twilight-Star was a huge bipedal wolf with a long grisly scar over one eye. He had a giant mechanical arm with sharp metal claws. Behind him, two stunning feathery angel wings spread across the length of Iris' two-story room. On the wolf's lower back was a small pair of demon wings that were fragile and couldn't be used. Behind Fallen Twilight-Star's head was a turning golden halo (A/N: Like Bahamuts from FFX) and to the sides of his ears (that were pierced with golden hoops) were two smaller halos. One burning with darkness that represented hell and the other swirling with light that represented heaven. Fallen Twilight-Star had the power to send a person to heaven or hell whenever Iris told him to. Because God, itself had soul-bound Fallen Twilight-Star to Iris so he had to do her bidding. But she never made him do anything mean, because she was the personification of justice in the world.

The next day Light was totally stalking her (she could tell because of her psychic powers) and generally being a creep. He told her earlier that day that he wanted to marry her but she rejected him because while he was totally hot, he was evil and Iris deserved better than that. Before her Mom was murdered, she used to tell Iris that she was the prettiest human being ever to exist and mothers are always right so Iris believed her.

"Get away from me, Light. I don't even like you, you're totally gross." Disheartened, Light slunk away from the gorgeous girl. His heart felt like it had been ripped open and his soul was leaking from the deep gashes. Maybe if he wrote more names in the Death Note, the world would be a brighter place and Iris would marry him. Kira would be God of this world and Iris Moon-flower would be his Goddess and people would build temples and statues in their honour.

That night Iris' stomach was hurting because the Nine-Tailed Fox- Kyuubi had been sealed within her, so she was wrapped up in silk blankets as she cuddled next to Fallen Twilight-Star on the couch in her room, in front of her plasma TV (that was like 2 years old and really out of date). This guy called L, who sounded really cool, was calling out to Kira to show himself (Iris knew Kira was Light). The guy on the TV died from a heart attack and there was this really long period where L was explaining his plan, or something. Iris was really impressed with his intellect and since she was top of her class, and a genius, Iris decided she was going to join the police and help catch Kira.

At the police station things were going really badly. No one had any idea who Kira was and where he was, not even L. When Iris walked in, everyone felt a great sense of relief wash over them, especially when Iris announced that she wanted to help L catch Kira. The chief of police, Mr. Yagami was pleasantly surprised. Here was this beautiful, intelligent girl doing her part for society and help rid the world of Kira, he could feel an intense paternal instinct overcome him suddenly. He wanted to protect her. Maybe he should introduce her to his son, so that they could get married. Two geniuses making genius babies. It was brilliant.

"Of course you can join! We need all the help we can get."

L was eating strawberry short-cake as he stared at the beautiful new-girl. He could feel her intelligence across the room, melding with his own in a lonely melody. Instantly, he was drawn to her. He stood up and practically ran over to where she was standing. The sunlight on her skin made it look like she was sparkling (A/N: Iris does actually sparkle, btw, coz she's a vampire. Lol I really like Twilight, okay? All the haters can shut the fuck up coz Stephanie Meyer is like, my idol LOL).

"So I totally know who Kira is." Everyone was amazed. How could this sixteen year old girl figure out what L could not? She must be smarter than Einstein, and he was super smart.

"WHERE?" L yelled, scaring all the dumb rookie cops standing around.

"Come with me, and I'll show you. I know he's outside like right now. You'll never guess who."

All the cops gathered tightly around her as she walked outside. They didn't want anyone to hurt her, because with all these disgusting human beings around, there was a chance Iris could get raped (she totally wouldn't though, because she could kill people instantly with her brain due to her psychic powers).

Light was pacing back and forth across the road from the police headquarters. He was trying so hard to think of a good way to tell Iris he loved her and propose marriage without creeping her out and when he saw her walking out of the building with the entire police force, his heart lifted like the wings of a bird on a soft breeze.

"MY LOVE" He shouted and his eyes felt wet with tears.

Iris let out a huff "stand back" she told the men "I'll take care of this"

"SINNER!" L screamed as he flapped his arms around like he just suffered a stroke, "YOU'LL NEVER GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!"
Iris started to walk forward to cross the road, but L's hand on her wrist stopped her.

"Don't go, my love. He's evil. Please stay with me" he whispered

Iris felt a sharp pain in her heart. "I have to go" she replied, smoothing a hand over his soft, black hair, "I love you."

She sadly pulled away and crossed the street to end this forever. Unfortunately, a milk truck careened around the corner, the rubber of the tires screeching against the asphalt. Iris Moon-flower was hit by the milk truck at full speed, the force against her body so strong, that her limbs tore away from her body in a split-second. Blood and milk sprayed the road and the men on either side of it. Luckily her huge breasts stayed intact, one hitting Light in the face and the other smashing into L's groin.

It was a tragic day, but all beautiful things must come to a horrible and grisly end.
Amazing fic written by:iconrynnfox: in our Digital Design Class :iconeyesplz:

This is a fabulous depiction of the life of Iris-Moonflower Uzumaki.

Read and enjoy. :iconimseriousplz:

here is a fullbody pic
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