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February 5, 2012
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Xel'Naga Caverns by moni158 Xel'Naga Caverns by moni158
I love drawing Protoss bodies, they are so sinewy and have those lovely digitigrade legs :la:

I drew a 'full picture' I am so proud of myself :iconshaplz:

Paint tool sai + Photoshop CS3

This DT is just lurking about ..ready to leap down and kill innocent SCVs...

( Also inspired by the fact I was playing... and every time... DTs in my base my mineral line)
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The pose is very well-executed, the lighting is consistent (except maybe some purple on left hand (in the lower right) should be there.

The piece is compositionally sound and balanced, too. Very cinematic, with the figure off-center and the background of the right side having enough interest to keep the viewer's eye moving. Maybe just a little more care in the water squiggles to keep it from looking like the stream is defying gravity to double back over itself. :P

For some reason, the mix of black lines, dark lines, and no lines is throwing me off. Not in the fact that you used all three, but in the way you did. For example, on the left leg (to the Protoss) right around the knee, the lines defining the musculature in the thigh and the left (to the viewer) side of the knee are a little bit lighter than the right side of the knee. Maybe if the lighter lines were darker, since they were even further from the light source, it would make more sense to me. On the OTHER hand, it might also be that's just how the mist/fog effect you were going for affected those lines. If that's case, maybe make the mist a little bit more opaque.

Still, overall, it's an amazing piece of work. I just figured I'd dig into it and get really nitpicky since you asked people to. x3;
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Use ghosts with nukes :p
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Really Nice!
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Omg that's awesome.
Oh yeah.
Those DTs in your mineral line?
Those are mine. :trollface:
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Beautiful work. Very well done.
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Beautiful. :rose:
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I think I just instantly fell in love with you.
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