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Looking for someone who can write/create music

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 26, 2016, 10:59 PM
*edit* thankyou to all who showed interest! :hug: 

For my final year at university I need to create and publish a game and I'm wanting to create a interactive twine game. I know the interface is quite bare bones and reading walls of text can be rather boring so I'll be customizing it with imagery/animation and hopefully an original music track. I can animate and draw ok but I can't write music for shit so I was wondering if any of my watchers are/or know anybody who can create music. I want maybe 2-3 tracks that can loop. I don't expect anybody to do this for free btw, I am happy to pay. The game I make will be free to play so it won't be used commercially but I just really want it to have its own atmosphere etc. Also I'm looking for people who can create sound assets, footsteps, monster noises, doors opening and closing etc. 

Please send me a note if you're interested. 

Commission Info (closed)

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 19, 2016, 3:31 AM
commissions are closed. 

My styles changed a bit over the past year so I'll be offering some different stuff

Prices are based on the time required for each commission type. 

Please read commission rules before commissioning me. 
>> Commission Rules <<

:bulletgreen:Commission info

Each extra character costs ½ of the base commission price. 

:bulletgreen:Sketch - monochromatic or grayscale ( you can pick  the colour of your choice if you go for monochrome)
bust - 10usd
waist - 15usd
full - 20usd

commission examples
 Ace by moni158 

:bulletgreen:Cell shaded ( little bit of painting included)
bust  - 40usd
waist - 50usd
full - 60usd

commission examples
The Last by moni158Baes by moni158Lazuli by moni158tumblr nxaxjnvEsO1qjjq1uo1 r1 1280 by moni158

Bust - 60usd
Waist - 80usd
Full - 100usd

Comes with flat background or very simple background, to add a more complex background the commission price will go up. 

commission examples

Coral Queen by moni158Angel of Death by moni158The First Blight by moni158The Architect by moni158

:bulletgreen: Expression sheets with flat colours ( you can pick the expressions you want )

50usd for 8 expressions. Extras cost 5usd each
commission examples
tumblr nvqjletPny1qjjq1uo1 1280 by moni158tumblr nvu1tx67XG1qjjq1uo1 1280 by moni158

I will take between 1-2 commissions at a time. 

(insert journal title)

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 18, 2016, 8:14 AM
I think I've finally finished all my old commissions :dummy:. So I wanna re-open commissions soon since I think it's probably good physio ( I still have a long way to go healing wise). I'm considering doing one at a time, that way I won't get overwhelmed and they will be easier to keep track of and quicker to complete.  

Also I want to start uploading art more regularly too. I've kinda caught the tumblr bug and been only posting stuff on there but I just think DA is a nicer platform for arty stuff so I should probably be posting it here.

Had my surgery! Should be the last one and like last time, here are the cool X-ray pictures :D…
I'm getting (hopefully my last ) surgery next week that should fix my wrist. :D They will be taking out the dead bone so I should be pain free! then I can go finish Uni and draw again and all that fun stuff. :la:
Hmm I haven't made a journal in a long time, well I haven't really been on here much in a while all together. :stare: I had my surgery and stuff but it hasn't really helped so I haven't been able to draw much at all.

I thought this surgery would have fixed it... ( well not really but it should have helped with the pain at least) I dunno maybe I'm being too impatient. Has anyone had something similar to this condition before (kienbock's disease) if so do you have any advice? :ohnoes: I'm gonna wait till the 12-18 month mark and see if its improved or not. Its still far away... so much waiting... :iconlazycryplz: Waiting around doing nothing.

Cool X-ray pics here if you're interested…

*edit* I got really concerned so I went and saw my surgeon again and had a CT scan to make sure every thing is healing ok. Turns out the disease has continued to progress even after the surgery and I have a huge crack right down the middle of my lunate bone. My wrist will be going back into a cast for 6 weeks and if the pain hasn't lessened? then I need another surgery. 

:iconcryforeverplz: So needless to say I won't be drawing much, if at all for as long as it takes to sort this out. 
I forgot a make a journal about this but I'm getting surgery tomorrow on my hand/arm to try fix it, So yet another setback with commissions. My apologies T-T if I can't complete them after? then I'll reimburse all my commissioners. 

Thankyou for the birthday wishes :icondeyedplz:

Ilu all :heart:
I was planning to complete commissions by the end of this week but now my rather new-ish gaming PC has kicked the bucket. There's something wrong with the motherboard.... UGHHHHHHHHH

I'm gonna have to use my Laptop and I'm afraid the poor thing pretty much struggles running MS paint..

My apologies, hopefully I can get these commissions completed as soon as my stupid computer gets fixed.



I got my computer back :icondeyedplz: I'm going to try have all my commissions finished by Friday. Fingers crossed. 
I'm going to be opening a storenvy soon, :icondeyedplz: This way I'll be able to finally sell fanart prints :eager: well ... thats only if anyone is interested. I'll also sell bookmarks and various other assorted stuff.
I'm also happy to take suggestions for fanarts/ideas people think might be interesting. 

I also wanted to make a patreon but I'm very iffy about the whole thing because I prefer people have access to 100% of my stuff no strings attached. If I do make one it will just offer stuff like online tutoring and/or freebies (prints/gift art etc)

Man I dunnooooo...
*edit* I've managed to complete a few of my commissions already and I have one slot left if anyone is interested TuT ?
*edit edit* Okay I'm full up TuT. I'll open them again soon. 

I'm gonna be opening commissions again, though I'll be changing some stuff. I haven't been active much for over a year so I don't know if people still remember me :iconotlplz: but I'm gonna be opening a few slots over the holidays if anyone is interested.

I'd like to do all the correspondence through email since DA's note system isn't terribly organized. 
My new commission email will be
So if you're interested send all the info and attached reference images there. If you have questions feel free to note me on here. :)

I'll also be making a slots widget thingy on my profiles so you can check to see how close to completion it is. ( I'll add the percentage next to your name indicating how far along it is)

Paypal only (USD)

Commission styles.

:bulletgreen:Sketch commission ( no backgrounds )
Commission sketch.. by moni158
- $10 bust 
- $15 waist up
- $20 fullbody 
(+$6 per extra character)
Add colour + $15

:bulletgreen: Cell shaded ( no backgrounds )
Commission batch by moni158

 -$30 bust
 -$40 waist up
(+ $20 per extra character.)

:bulletgreen: Cell-shading/painting's lovechild (I don't know what else to call this style)  ( no backgrounds )

Baes by moni158         The Last by moni158         
 -$50 bust
(+ $25 per extra character.)
I've repaid all my commissioners! :D ( I hope, if I've missed you, please note me )

So I'm finally free.
I kinda had a bit of trouble this/last year with commissions since my Uni workload this year was just scary and that rubbish with my wrist bone kicking the bucket. I won't make the same mistake twice, If I do them again I'll only offer them over the December holidays.
So I haven't really been online much...Uni is really picking up so I don't have much time :iconlazycryplz:. Overload is also around the corner so I need to somehow also make new posters. Poster ideas are always welcome.

And a little update on my hand if anyone is interested. Doesn't look good. Super lame. Casting didn't work so I just have to wait till the pain gets bad enough before I go back and get the surgery. The damage is permanent so that's double super lame.
So I won't be drawing for the next 6 weeks. I have a big clunky fiberglass cast on my hand...but then again I haven't posted stuff in ages so people probably wouldn't have noticed anyway OTL

If I do manage to magically draw...expect ugly doodle scribbles which is kinda all I post anyway so expect the same? wow I'm confusing myself :iconleleleplz:

edit* I did say this in my previous journal but I didn't break my hand, I just have Kienbocks disease
I hurt my wrist almost 7 months ago and its never healed so I'm going to refund my commissioners because I'm worried if I keep straining it, then it will never will. I apologize for the long wait, I've managed to get a number of peoples stuff completed but I don't think I can handle the rest T.T. I'll be going through my list but if you want to speed up the process or have any concerns? you can contact me by note.

Ops I didn't hurt it at all, turns out I have kienbocks disease. Super lame. 
I'm still paying people back slowly, when I finish this semester in 3-ish weeks I'll be able to play everyone back quicker OTL
Come watch me draw or animate or whatever :D

Edit* tis over now :D

Sorry I didn't know only had a 10 person limit OTL
So lame. They never use to :grump:

I'm going to be upgrading my computer for University so I won't be able to work on commissions or art until I've got all the new stuff up and running. All commission files have been backed up to an external so you don't have to worry about them getting eaten :la:

This batch has taken me ages :ohnoes: but I plan on getting it done before I go back to uni *fingerscrossed*. That whole DA choming all my notes really messed up my workflow. :iconlazycryplz:

I can't find some of my commissioners profiles so I will just be posting the finished works (much smaller version) in to my gallery and the commissioner can contact me for the full res image ( I'll send it over the stash feature ) :)
Thankyou for all the birthday wishes! 

You guys are so sweet :iconloveloveplz:
Thankyou for the 100K watchers :iconlazycryplz:

I want to thank you all for the support and encouragement you've given me over the years. You are all amazing:heart:
Omg wtf.

DA went and cleared out my correspondence inbox?  I've done all the sketch commissions and went to send them to their respective commissioner and all the messages are gone? can you just send me a quick note with your character/request so I can get them to you asap

My apologies, I didn't know DA could even do that OTL