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I've repaid all my commissioners! :D ( I hope, if I've missed you, please note me )

So I'm finally free.
I kinda had a bit of trouble this/last year with commissions since my Uni workload this year was just scary and that rubbish with my wrist bone kicking the bucket. I won't make the same mistake twice, If I do them again I'll only offer them over the December holidays.
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So I haven't really been online much...Uni is really picking up so I don't have much time :iconlazycryplz:. Overload is also around the corner so I need to somehow also make new posters. Poster ideas are always welcome.

And a little update on my hand if anyone is interested. Doesn't look good. Super lame. Casting didn't work so I just have to wait till the pain gets bad enough before I go back and get the surgery. The damage is permanent so that's double super lame.
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So I won't be drawing for the next 6 weeks. I have a big clunky fiberglass cast on my hand...but then again I haven't posted stuff in ages so people probably wouldn't have noticed anyway OTL

If I do manage to magically draw...expect ugly doodle scribbles which is kinda all I post anyway so expect the same? wow I'm confusing myself :iconleleleplz:

edit* I did say this in my previous journal but I didn't break my hand, I just have Kienbocks disease
I hurt my wrist almost 7 months ago and its never healed so I'm going to refund my commissioners because I'm worried if I keep straining it, then it will never will. I apologize for the long wait, I've managed to get a number of peoples stuff completed but I don't think I can handle the rest T.T. I'll be going through my list but if you want to speed up the process or have any concerns? you can contact me by note.

Ops I didn't hurt it at all, turns out I have kienbocks disease. Super lame. 
I'm still paying people back slowly, when I finish this semester in 3-ish weeks I'll be able to play everyone back quicker OTL
Come watch me draw or animate or whatever :D

Edit* tis over now :D

Sorry I didn't know only had a 10 person limit OTL
So lame. They never use to :grump:

I'm going to be upgrading my computer for University so I won't be able to work on commissions or art until I've got all the new stuff up and running. All commission files have been backed up to an external so you don't have to worry about them getting eaten :la:

This batch has taken me ages :ohnoes: but I plan on getting it done before I go back to uni *fingerscrossed*. That whole DA choming all my notes really messed up my workflow. :iconlazycryplz:

I can't find some of my commissioners profiles so I will just be posting the finished works (much smaller version) in to my gallery and the commissioner can contact me for the full res image ( I'll send it over the stash feature ) :)
Thankyou for all the birthday wishes! 

You guys are so sweet :iconloveloveplz:
Thankyou for the 100K watchers :iconlazycryplz:

I want to thank you all for the support and encouragement you've given me over the years. You are all amazing:heart:
Omg wtf.

DA went and cleared out my correspondence inbox?  I've done all the sketch commissions and went to send them to their respective commissioner and all the messages are gone? can you just send me a quick note with your character/request so I can get them to you asap

My apologies, I didn't know DA could even do that OTL
*Edit My commissions are full up at the moment OTL If I can get some done I might take a few more later this week.

To people still waiting for their sketch commission? I've pretty much got them all 90% done so I'll be finishing them while I organize the next batch :D

I'm not going to do any point commissions right now OTL I might open them a bit later though. Right now I'll only be accepting paypal ( USD )

Please read commission info here first >…

Sketch commission ( no backgrounds )

- $10 bust 
- $15 waist up
- $20 fullbody 
(+$6 per extra character)
Add colour + $15

Sketch commission examples by moni158

Cell shaded ( no backgrounds )

 -30 USD bust
 -40 USD waist up
 -50 USD fullbody
(+ 20USD per extra character.)
+ 10USD for complex designs (complex armor, very intricate clothing)

Hoods are cool... by moni158
My commissions are almost finished! :heart:

I have 4 to go and they are all well underway and then I have my sketch batch which shouldn't take long :D 

If you're interested in a commission? I'll be posting another journal soon when this batch is completed, if you want one let me know and I'll see how many slots I should make :iconloveloveplz:
I finally made a youtube account OTL

I'll be posting drawing processes and maybe some tip stuff there :D

You can find it here…
I'm going to be doing a class on skillshare :iconfeelingfreeplz:

But I'm not sure what my class topic should be? so I just wanted to maybe get some feedback from you guys and what you think I should do? What is something you think I do well or something you want a more in-depth tutorial on?
yay! I am finally finished Uni for the year!

I'm going to get those commissions done shortly! Thankyou to all my commissioners for being so patient :iconloveloveplz:

I haven't made a journal in a while, mainly because I've had nothing to say because I am boring but the whole new symbol thing has rubbed me the wrong way. Not the symbols per se...more peoples attitudes regarding it. People are probably going to get mad at me, but try take this with a grain of salt if you have a different opinion.

I love how DA supplies a free online portfolio with many great features and people get angry and throw a fit over not having a little symbol next to their name. 

Giving people who support their site a little bit of recognition isn't terribly unreasonable either. Why are people so angry :iconcryforeverplz: The star is like a little 'thankyou'. 


P.S this will be old news by next week and nobody will remember that DA never use to have little username stars. ( and it seems I am one of the few who like how the new symbols look T.T)

I hurt my hand so I'm also gonna give drawing a little rest till it stops hurting, so to people contacting me about commissions, I will take a tiny bit longer to get your stuff to you :iconlazycryplz:

OH and thankyou to all those people who helped me pick posters for Overload :D :heart:
I just want to say I am super super grateful to everyone who offered critique on my poll and I have read every single one of them :D :hug: thankyou a ton! I have a better idea of what to work on now :heart:

You've already helped me so much but I have one more little favour to ask :iconlazycryplz: I have no eye for my own work, I can't tell what's better and what isn't and I am really confused about what I should print for Overload on Saturday T.T If you see one that is maybe more 'poster worthy' than the others? can you let me know?

Once again, thankyou so much for the help :iconsweethugplz:


Journal Entry: Tue Sep 10, 2013, 3:30 AM

I'm making good progress on my second batch of commissions :icondeterminedplz: and I think I can handle maybe 2-3 more, I'm also finalizing my stuff for Overload 2013 :D I'm so excite! OMG

Commissions are first come first serve, I will take no reservations >.<

for prices check here >…

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Journal Entry: Mon Sep 2, 2013, 6:03 PM

Thankyou for the 90k watchers, I'll try make something special for you guys :heart: ILU ALL!

Have an awesome day :hug:

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I made a facebook art page account thingy if you want to follow me there >> follow the link :eager:…

Also if you are sending me commission emails through my address I am probably not going to see them since I am having trouble with that account, if its regarding commissions, please contact me via note on deviantart.
*edit thanks for watching :)

I'll be streaming my drawing process etc blah blah blah

I'm trying to juggle commissions and making fanart

I need a little bit of help if anyone wants to come watch me draw etc. I'm gonna make some Overload 2013 posters and if you have any cool ideas drop by on and tell me what you think would make a cool poster. 

* EDIT OMGEEERRDDD just introduced a record feature... it's about about time :icondeyedplz:

(there also might be some spoilers, so keep that in mind )

*Edit silly thing crashed..OTL I'll see if I can get my livestream up and running again.