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October 9, 2011


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Tell me once more?

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 9, 2011, 2:33 PM

He he he :iconheheplz: last journal was quite interesting and to all those who shared thankyou and thankyou again :iconskyhighplz:

I am feeling adventurous, I wanna know? what is your favourite anime and why? and I wanna know what is your least favourite anime and why?

Warning wall of text begins here, if you read it all, you will get a cookie :cookie:

Also a little disclaimer, this is MY opinion, you don't need to agree, and if you want to comment on anything I have said? feel free, or rant even? I will just be happy you read it all :iconteheplz:

Mine, I would say Deathnote but there are a few holes in it that bring it down a bit ( L's almost psychic ability when it comes to deciphering the truth or predicting peoples actions especially when he has absolutely no valid path to his conclusion which I might add is always correct ) same goes for Light. I know they are suppose to be 'super smart' but even super smart people need to have a reason for how they came to their conclusion. The whole anime felt boxed in its own little world, by that I mean you didn't get the feeling that the whole event took place on a global setting. The upsides to the anime would have to be that it is refreshingly different and I like the fact it focused on an anti hero. Lights decent into madness was done very well and it had some very interesting characters along the way, though a lot of them I really didn't connect with or like very much.

So I would say my favourite anime at this point is Tiger & Bunny. Upsides and downsides? The downsides I would have to say is that there is currently no second season.....T^T That is all. Each character in T&B is well crafted and likeable, I have never watched an anime where I liked every single character or where the main character has been my favourite. Kotetsu is a fantastically original character who constantly develops through out the anime and isn't overdone but isn't boring at all. The idea of sponsored super heroes is pretty awesome too and the mech suits look badass, not to mention the anti hero kicks ass too. But if I am really going to be picky the only thing that bothered me a tiny bit is some of the scenes weren't exactly great quality and I wish they hadn't animated the other heroes (it worked great for the mechs but didn't really work to well for the other characters) I could blabber on all day bout why I love this anime but I will spare you the wall of text.

Now for the worst! :dummy:

I don't watch/read a lot of anime/manga, I tend to latch onto one at a time. I have watched Zoids (new and old century) Ultimate Muscle (which I adored and still do, even though it was ridiculous) Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Alfen Lied, Durarara, Tiger and Bunny, a bit of Evangellion, and a bit of Ghost in a Shell and after school nightmare.

So...lets see....

Naruto.... it went of the rails...badly.... but only in the anime, the manga is fine if you can read the whole thing due to the fact its like 500 chapters and still ongoing. Kishimoto has a great knack for crafting intricate plots that fall into place perfectly though I never really connected with any of the characters, and all the ones I did were either killed off or ....come to think of it they all were... So I lost interest, that doesn't necessary make it bad, though the anime fillers were BEYOND HORRIFIC! each filler was like a bad fanfiction.

So the worst is Bleach. By far. Horrific to the point of no redemption. If you can tolerate the mangled plot, the overpowered unbalanced characters are sure to deliver the killing blow for the story's remote chances of making any sense... :iconimspeechlessplz: I am sorry Kubo but you are a terrible writer....and I mean terrible. Tite Kubo's art is fantastic and dynamic but it is clear he whored his manga to Shounen and stretched it beyond what he had originally intended. The biggest no no is that he actually FORGOT huge pieces of the plot. The part where Aizen wanted Orhime to repair the Hogyoku and then subsequently wondered off, completely forgetting about it and it turns out that the Hogyoku worked anyway. Also where Mayuri finds the hanging bodies and then leaves the audience wondering...forever...since the relevance or purpose of that scene is never revealed. He also discards characters left and right while introducing so many new ones that it makes it hard to keep track. Those are all bad points but not the worse. The worst thing in Bleach is Ichigo. He has the personality of a wet sock but everyone loves him unconditionally. He also power-ups more than Goku. He goes from having his ass kicked by a random nobody in the woods to man handling a lieutenant in the space of merely a few episodes, not just that he wondered straight into soul society mowing down any captain that gets in his way. Don't forget these captains are hundreds of years old and are specialized in their craft but Ichigo who is 15, and hasn't been a shinigami for more than a month chops them all down like straw, one after another, with barely any break. Not just that he is revived from the dead, twice, and once just because his super hollow powers revived him through friendship. He beat Aizen who was the second most horrificaly overpowred character in the series. What really made me want to bash my face into the table was that even in Ichigos form before Mugetsu...HE WAS WAY STRONGER THAN AIZEN! But alas he was too strong so Kubo decided to make him even stronger even though he could already defeat Aizen with little to no effort in exchange for his powers. Which... wait for it...made him lose?

I don't want to talk about Bleach any more T.T yes I enjoyed it for a while but that is only because it has good yaoi shipping potential, that is all. I don't even like Death Note yaoi or T&B yaoi because the plot alone is enough for me T^T

Feel free to share your own thoughts ;)

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Stack-A-Cat Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011
Ever tried One Piece?
CrazyFoxMoon Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Favorite manga: Saiyuki (first series), Rurouni Kenshin & Fullmetal Alchemist. Saiyuki had an amazing twist at the end. I think I actually fell off the table when I was reading the last volume. I just love the simple story to Kenshin. And I am a bit of a sucker for guys that are so good at certain things, yet absolutely clueless when it comes to actually relating to another human being. FMA... well, I got hooked on it a while back when I actually could watch it, and started reading. I must say I like how the manga is going.

Least favorite: hard to say... If I don't like something, I stopped reading it. Yu-gi-oh is high on my list of least favorites. I was reading it in Shonen Jump Magazine ages ago. It was fun at first with the shadow games & so on, but when it turned to the duels with the card games, I lost interest. I guess that could be chalked up to the fact that I am so far out of the demographic it was aimed at.

As for anime... I don't have Cartoon Network on my cable TV, so I don't watch unless I drag out my DVDs...
DeviantRoberto Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2011
What I get form this is that if an anime is good enough in story, char. development, etc., it doesn't need Fan-Anything, unlike Bleach.
AxletheBeast Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Bleach is a favorite series of mine. I like its style, I like its characters, and I like its world and lore.

But yeah, he sucks really badly at writing. I constantly scream about how much of a disaster the plot is, primarily because I know it could have been so much better. -.-
QuaterComet Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011
Favorite anime is Ergo Proxy, hands down. It's so delightfully layered, emotional and intense, with a very memorable main cast. ^^

As for worst anime or manga? I don't think I can really say. It's because of ones like Bleach and Naruto that I'm tentative about getting too wrapped up in something that either goes on forever or gets horribly tangled up in loose plot threads. Despite this misgiving, I found Code Geass to be okay, am rather weirded out by Kuroshitsuji, and am stoked to get watching Fullmetal Alchemist sometime soon.
neon-chimera Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2011
:D peoples' opinions on bleach always amuse me; there's always the die-hard-love-Ichigo fans, and then ones like you who started out loving it but ended up not so much any more, and others like me who cannot keep up and just gave up.

8D but i do agree with you on both Deathnote and Bleach. DN seemed was really good, but watch it again and you can find some plot holes (or fall asleep.....mystery-themes are only good the first time through i think...).
Bleach is just too dragged and stretched out for me...

:D my favorite anime so far, despite i'm still reading/watching Naruto, I'll have to say Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (the one that follows the manga). I can find things to crit about it that are bad, but still in the end I'd have to say it was really well thought through and the characters were well-developed. The ones that died also made sense too, for like WHY they died.

:D have i ever mentioned that i love reading your journals?? :heart:
MidnightDreamer22 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My favorite manga (because the anime interpretation was VERY different, and the OVAs... I am not bothered to watch them) is Hellsing. All the characters are tough and stand their own ground, the battles are all so good, and the end is just... wow :wow: I have loved it since I first read it.

Also, Fullmetal Alchemist. I watched the 2003 anime and loved it beyond words :love: So I decided to read the manga too, but the evil exams at scholl aren't letting me X_X

I agree with you about Naruto (I have never been interested in Bleach) and Death Note. Naruto has been going on for far too long, and it used to be decent before this "huge war" that is currently going on, with all the DEAD villains being ressurected or whatever. I don't even read it anymore.

Death Note is one of my favorite manga-s, and I was VERY disappointed at the anime. Even the "very meaningful" scene of L washing Light's feet was... ugh. There were far too many yaoi style scenes, L was far too creepy instead of smart, and everything was bad. The manga, on the other hand, was awesome, and none of the aforementioned negative stuff appear there. (However, I still don't get how L came to suspect and arrest Misa all of a sudden...)
skaarlet Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm gonna have to watch Tiger & Bunny. Hmm.

My favorite is FMA, mostly because of the super thick plot and I iked the characters a lot.

Worst? None. Because if I don't like an anime or manga, than I simply stop watching it, so I haven't really gotten far in many. xD
cabevi Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2011
Hm, it's kinda true that Ichigo is overpowered... Well, my fav Anime is Death Note, followed by Number 6. ^^
fluffymuffinfuck Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
my favourites (as of right now, i still have so much to watch) are Cowboy Bebop and Fooly Cooly. i get what you mean about Bleach. when i read the first chapter in a Shonen Jump novel it seemed like it was going to be this really cool storyline with sort of a dark side about death and ghosts and moving on from this world ect, but as more and more of the story unfolded it was more and more of a let down from what i had originally expected. When Chad died, who was my favourite character (don't ask me why i honestly couldn't say) i pretty much lost interest all together. everytime i try to watch it i feel like it's the same battle scene i've seen a million times already and it honestly makes me wonder how many damn epic battles this dude can come up with. it just seems so boring after all of that. i couldn't even pay attention long enough to notice the holes in the story line.
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