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October 9, 2011


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Tell me once more?

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 9, 2011, 2:33 PM

He he he :iconheheplz: last journal was quite interesting and to all those who shared thankyou and thankyou again :iconskyhighplz:

I am feeling adventurous, I wanna know? what is your favourite anime and why? and I wanna know what is your least favourite anime and why?

Warning wall of text begins here, if you read it all, you will get a cookie :cookie:

Also a little disclaimer, this is MY opinion, you don't need to agree, and if you want to comment on anything I have said? feel free, or rant even? I will just be happy you read it all :iconteheplz:

Mine, I would say Deathnote but there are a few holes in it that bring it down a bit ( L's almost psychic ability when it comes to deciphering the truth or predicting peoples actions especially when he has absolutely no valid path to his conclusion which I might add is always correct ) same goes for Light. I know they are suppose to be 'super smart' but even super smart people need to have a reason for how they came to their conclusion. The whole anime felt boxed in its own little world, by that I mean you didn't get the feeling that the whole event took place on a global setting. The upsides to the anime would have to be that it is refreshingly different and I like the fact it focused on an anti hero. Lights decent into madness was done very well and it had some very interesting characters along the way, though a lot of them I really didn't connect with or like very much.

So I would say my favourite anime at this point is Tiger & Bunny. Upsides and downsides? The downsides I would have to say is that there is currently no second season.....T^T That is all. Each character in T&B is well crafted and likeable, I have never watched an anime where I liked every single character or where the main character has been my favourite. Kotetsu is a fantastically original character who constantly develops through out the anime and isn't overdone but isn't boring at all. The idea of sponsored super heroes is pretty awesome too and the mech suits look badass, not to mention the anti hero kicks ass too. But if I am really going to be picky the only thing that bothered me a tiny bit is some of the scenes weren't exactly great quality and I wish they hadn't animated the other heroes (it worked great for the mechs but didn't really work to well for the other characters) I could blabber on all day bout why I love this anime but I will spare you the wall of text.

Now for the worst! :dummy:

I don't watch/read a lot of anime/manga, I tend to latch onto one at a time. I have watched Zoids (new and old century) Ultimate Muscle (which I adored and still do, even though it was ridiculous) Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Alfen Lied, Durarara, Tiger and Bunny, a bit of Evangellion, and a bit of Ghost in a Shell and after school nightmare.

So...lets see....

Naruto.... it went of the rails...badly.... but only in the anime, the manga is fine if you can read the whole thing due to the fact its like 500 chapters and still ongoing. Kishimoto has a great knack for crafting intricate plots that fall into place perfectly though I never really connected with any of the characters, and all the ones I did were either killed off or ....come to think of it they all were... So I lost interest, that doesn't necessary make it bad, though the anime fillers were BEYOND HORRIFIC! each filler was like a bad fanfiction.

So the worst is Bleach. By far. Horrific to the point of no redemption. If you can tolerate the mangled plot, the overpowered unbalanced characters are sure to deliver the killing blow for the story's remote chances of making any sense... :iconimspeechlessplz: I am sorry Kubo but you are a terrible writer....and I mean terrible. Tite Kubo's art is fantastic and dynamic but it is clear he whored his manga to Shounen and stretched it beyond what he had originally intended. The biggest no no is that he actually FORGOT huge pieces of the plot. The part where Aizen wanted Orhime to repair the Hogyoku and then subsequently wondered off, completely forgetting about it and it turns out that the Hogyoku worked anyway. Also where Mayuri finds the hanging bodies and then leaves the audience wondering...forever...since the relevance or purpose of that scene is never revealed. He also discards characters left and right while introducing so many new ones that it makes it hard to keep track. Those are all bad points but not the worse. The worst thing in Bleach is Ichigo. He has the personality of a wet sock but everyone loves him unconditionally. He also power-ups more than Goku. He goes from having his ass kicked by a random nobody in the woods to man handling a lieutenant in the space of merely a few episodes, not just that he wondered straight into soul society mowing down any captain that gets in his way. Don't forget these captains are hundreds of years old and are specialized in their craft but Ichigo who is 15, and hasn't been a shinigami for more than a month chops them all down like straw, one after another, with barely any break. Not just that he is revived from the dead, twice, and once just because his super hollow powers revived him through friendship. He beat Aizen who was the second most horrificaly overpowred character in the series. What really made me want to bash my face into the table was that even in Ichigos form before Mugetsu...HE WAS WAY STRONGER THAN AIZEN! But alas he was too strong so Kubo decided to make him even stronger even though he could already defeat Aizen with little to no effort in exchange for his powers. Which... wait for it...made him lose?

I don't want to talk about Bleach any more T.T yes I enjoyed it for a while but that is only because it has good yaoi shipping potential, that is all. I don't even like Death Note yaoi or T&B yaoi because the plot alone is enough for me T^T

Feel free to share your own thoughts ;)

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nmhotel Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011
My favorite manga really ends up being Bleach. I do agree that plot often ends up being shived in a dark alley during the nighttime hours, but I have to disagree with you on Ichigo’s character.

He is someone who protects, it’s a huge part of his personality and it at times seems to completely take over any other characteristics he has. But when you look at his past this makes perfect freaking sense. His mother died protecting him and his father is busy looking after the clinic and when he does interact with the rest of his family he tends to act like another child. This leaves Ichigo as the parent in his family (except on the rare occasions that Isshin acts like a father) and he has grown up constantly having to look after his younger sisters. When you grow up in family as the responsible one (and it feels like Ichigo is, at least emotionally) then you tend to be serious and take great care in looking after people close to you. He gets bullied as a child and since he can’t really go to a parent for guidance he has to come up with his own solution, which is to fight. I mean he even has to protect his own sisters from bullies; it’s not weird that he turns to fighting to protect those he cares for.

He also enjoys fighting and combat because he equates being good at fighting with the safety of those he cares for. I also believe that he has a natural enjoyment of fighting as well that lies outside of his instinct to protect. Because he spends so much energy and time protecting and fighting it makes sense to me that they are such big parts of him as a character.

It’s fine if you don’t like Bleach, it definitely has its weak points, and everyone has their own tastes. But I get tired of people saying that they feel Ichigo has no characterization.

TLDR: I find Ichigo’s character not flat and quite understandable.
PuddingValkyrie Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh dear... both of these are hard questions for me. My 'favourite' anything is usually influenced by whatever I'm watching at the time... Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood was a brilliant anime, with so many likeable characters and such an awesome plot. I also adore Fruits Basket, with its touching moments and strong relationships between characters, plus of course, its excellent sense of humour.

But you know what? My favourite anime is probably Digimon or Yugioh. I know, I know, there are better anime out there... but these two have been my fandoms for the past 10 years and even viewing them 10 years on (obviously YGO not so much 10 years) I enjoy every minute. ...except for that 6 episode duel between Yuugi and Kaiba at the end of battle city. I watched it once and that was enough! I think that the core of a good series is the characters. If you like the chatacters and care about them, then you don't care so much that the plot revolves around card games on motorcycles...

Two anime that I really love and are the sort I'm interested in (I've added this just as I'd finished my post... so many awesome anime out there) are Crest of the Stars and Spice and Wolf. They're both set in really interesting worlds and interesting cultures, and there is a major focus on the developing relationship between the two main characters and how they come to rely on one another. I really like stuff like that <3

Worst anime? Hmm. This is a hard question too, because anything I don't like I don't bother to watch. But there were 3 anime I can think of that I didn't like. Gundam War in the Pocket was one of them. It aired at my anime society back in Sheffield and was on between two anime I loved, so I had to watch it. All the way to the end. I didn't like it because I wasn't interested in the plot nor did I like any of the characters. The only character I even liked a little died at the end IN A REALLY POINTLESS WAY.
Two other anime I didn't like were Burst Angel and Argento Soma, but they were on at the beginning of my anime society, so I just started turning up late XD Again, I'm not sure if I could say that they were bad, but I wasn't interested in the plot or the characters.
Kujyou-Ichiji-Val Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
:bulletgreen:Favourtie Anime: And please don't kill me for this, but I'm going to have to say Bleach... *dodges the knives Moni throws*. Hear me out!! I totally agree with everything you said when you were dissing Bleach, I honestly couldn't agree more!!! But you have to remember that when Tite Kubo 'discards' characters, its usually because of a Filler Episode or Arc. Because Bleach became so popular so quickly, they turned the manga into an anime too soon, so the anime kept catching up with the manga. Fillers had to be thrown in to prevent people from dropping the manga completely (that, and so the anime had an actual story to follow). It's true that Kubo has taken Bleach further than he should have, but he keeps leaving Arcs open. I'm not sure what he's thinking, and believe he should rap it up soon. He'll kill it otherwise.
Also, just a pointer here ( :P ) You forgot to mention in your journal the history of Isshin, Ichigo's father. In one particluar episode, he's seen wearing a Captains uniform, after he saves Kon is Ichigo's body and he knows all about Shinigami and Hollows, but no one recignises him. Why hasn't that been covered? Ichigo also then later discovers that his father is a Shinigami, but they never talk about it. Also, when the new "Fullbringing" Arc started in the manga, Isshin was talking to Urahara about preventing Ichigo from doing something, but nothing further happens between them, and nothing happens to Ichigo via those two.
If you've bothered to read this far, then well done!! Just a little more to go!!
I guess the reason why it's my favourite anime is because it holds a lot of humour, and the story line (excluding all the Filler Arcs) is well thought out, dispite the few hiccups. No one's perfect, right? Plus, I like how no one has the same ability, so all the fights are different, and don't get repeatitive, unlike Naruto and Dragon Ball/Z.
Runner up favourite anime: Wolf's Rain. I have never cried so much in my life. It kept me guessing, right up until the end. It dropped very subtle hints on what was going to happen, but never gave anything away. Nothing was forgotten, and the story-line was just so different and amazing! Although, the ending left me confused... Watch it to see what I mean! I hope to God they bring out another season!
:bulletred:Most Hated Anime: I'm going to have to go against my undying love for the games and say Devil May Cry. Each episode was fantastic, but they never carried on from each other. There was this one annoying little a-hole who kept popping up, but there was no actual plot until the very last two episodes. There wasn't a build up at all. Just suddely - BAM! - super Boss. The voice dubbing was terrible! And the characters didn't seem to have their own personality.
I have never played better games (excluding Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy), but the anime really let me down.
thebagelfiend Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011
favourite anime?... that's a hard question, but probably something like Cowboy Beebop or Angel Beats. Clannad was also very good.

my least favourite would probably be... gah i don't know... i'm pretty open minded. (but strike witches looks like shameless fan-servicing... along with the rossario+vampire anime...) :noes:

in terms of axis powers... it's more of an out of control obsession than a substantionally favourite anime... heh ^^;
WhoAteTheWaffles Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Fullmetal Alchemist will forever be my favorite, though Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is not that far behind. I wish they didn't have to end though... :(

However, I completely agree that Naruto has been going on for FAR TOO LONG. Just make him and Sasuke fight, have one of them die, and leave it at that. I mean seriously, why couldn't they have fought after Danzo died? :| It used to be so good too, but NOW. NOW it's just... no. Just no. :iconfacepalmplz:
Ech018 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I feel so obscure lol lol My favorites are Natsume Yuujinchou (haven't tried the new season, they changed directors or something and I haven't been inclined to risk it), Toward the Terra, and RahXephon. lol lol D: I feel so lonely in my obscurity. D:

Least favorites... hmmm probably Saiyuki, and Gantz. O.o Which is a hilarious combination. lol Saiyuki (the anime) doesn't have enough violence, and Gantz has way to much, with over kill sexual themes. lol

And I agree with all your thoughts an Death Note, Naruto, and definitely bleach. O.o Although I saw Bleach pulling a DBZ way long ago and dropped it after soul society arc. O.o anyway, thats my 10 cents. <3
elizabeth4848 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011
But, wait, where's my cookie?
36Yukiness Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Student General Artist
OK, though I agree with just about everything you said about bleach, I still love to watch it because I'm a sap for alot of the characters. And you must admit, when they descide to pay their overworked animators, the results are jizz taqstical.

Oh god, I hate it when people ask me to name a favorite anime. It makes my head hurt thrying to sum up everything I've ever seen. In terms of shows, (currently) Needless, Durarara, and Mononoke are up their on my fav list. In terms of feature length, Id have to go with Paprika and Vocies of a Distant Star (which was animated by one guy only, 3d graphics included). There is nothing like a Satoshi Kon film to make you smile and think every time you watch it. Bless his soul, we lost him too soon.

In terms of worst, oh dear, i'm going to admit that i cannot sit through One Piece, Zatch Bell, and Destiny Shrine, which I found to be an escuse to put Mikos, yuri, and mechs together with no apparent sense. Someone tries to rape you, kill you, but says I love you and everything is hunky dory. Bullshit.

I want my cookie now
Deviant-Rena Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My favorite would have to be Nabari no Ou. The for the most part the characters were likeable and the story interested me. Although it's a show about ninjas, it's unlike Naruto or any other ninja show out there. The characters actually have reasonable strength levels and don't easily overcome diffucult obstacles. The two main protagonists bring out the best of the other, and they're both so darn cute >.< Yoite is probably my most favorite character out of all the anime I've seen.

As for my least favorite, it would have to be Naruto. The flashbacks and fights drag on for several episodes and the main characters annoy me so much. Sasuke's overly hateful and unreasonable, Sakura's overly emotional (seriously...) and Naruto's overly righteous, hyper, and overpowered. The villains are highly unlikeable too.
Pacmancopter Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011
My favorite anime/manga is probably D. Gray-man, or Berserk until after the Golden Age arc (it really went downhill after that :( ). They both have really interesting, well developed characters so you really care about them and what happens, and they aren't too overpowered for the most part. The plots are good, and there are lots of awesome fight scenes.

The worst I've ever read was a manga called Kitchen Princess. I didn't get very far because it was awful, but it was about a an orphaned girl who was saved as a child by a little boy who gave her a spoon, so she made it her life's mission to track him down and make him dessert. Seriously.
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