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Are you shy? 

1,040 deviants said Somewhat
774 deviants said Yes...very
526 deviants said No but I like having my personal space.
103 deviants said Not really
22 deviants said Other?

Devious Comments

Bambiiie 32 minutes ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm shy only talking to my inspirations on the internet....otherwise I'm quite extroverted!
I'm shy around new people.  Once I'm great friends with them, not at all.
AllisonWonderland111 53 minutes ago  Student Traditional Artist
i've found that the way to not be shy is to stop giving a crap. i sing and dance in public for no other reason then i like the song on the radio. do i get weird looks from people? yes. do i care? no! it just makes life so much easier when you stop worrying about what other people think of you and just be yourself.
Nightmares-Divide 1 hour ago  Hobbyist Writer
I'm shy and nervous, kinda uneasy and not trusting people at first. But when I get to know you, I don't shut up. cx
Kadaj777 1 hour ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Same here!
Olive-Owl 1 hour ago  Student Filmographer
Face to face, no. I prefer talking to people in person and I take comfort in small groups of company. I am relatively introverted though, so it does LOOK as though I'm shy if you don't know me on a personal level.

Online, I'm MUCH more likely to be anxious and shy when talking to others. It's hard to tell when I'm in that mood, seeing as people can only read text and not always understand the emotion being portrayed through it. 

I just have moments of completely disappearing from the internet when this happens. If I grow comfortable chatting with people online, I prefer to audio skype with them.
marangai 2 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
...I guess the most people think I'm shy. But I would not really say that I'm shy. I just don't talk that much, 'cause I don't like unnecessary conversations, like...well, small talk. xD I usually give really short answers, when somebody asks me a question about something that I'm not interested in. It's different when it comes to my hobbies or smth I like. Then, people are alsways like " Whoa. wait a sec. what's up with you? why are you talking that much?"
...and when I'm out with some friends and someone's like "I don't know where the train station is...somebody go and ask that man over there!" it's always me who approaches the strangers, 'cause the others are... well yes. TOO SHY. xD
TouchedVenus 2 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
I'm considered an introvert, but mostly because I'm more active inwardly than outwardly. My personality type is INFJ. We're introverted, but can appear to be extroverted.

When I meet new people I'm back-offish. I don't trust very easily, and I take time to observe a person quietly before deciding to open up or not. This act is often observed as me being shy. Once I get to know someone, though, I still watch them and do most of my communicating with body language while thinking about what I observe. The I react accordingly. If we're talking about something I'm passionate about, though, I can really open up.

Overall, I do prefer to have a lot of personal space. I am a little bit of a loner, and enjoy being by myself because it helps me feel like I have more control and freedom. If I want to be social, I will do it, but I prefer to socialize on my own terms.
I was shy when I was younger, but I've grown into a more "meh" kind of mind. I am, however, not a social creature, so I don't go out of my way to be outgoing unless I have ulterior motives
SweetOctopiewriter 2 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
I used to be crippling shy, but when I need to, I can have conversations with people I rarely know.
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