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Is manga art? 

4,066 deviants said Yes...duuhhhh!
105 deviants said No..
82 deviants said (comment)

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TheTeastyPineapple Sep 13, 2012
In case people don't know what the definition of art is: The quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. Manga is a form of expression through story and images so, yeah it is art regardless of its popularity.
skaarlet Oct 1, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is it art? Yes. Is it good art? Sometimes not.

...okay. Mostly not.
blackwolves101 Apr 20, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ROLF XD damn! 96% that surprised me. my mom thinks that it isnt :(
but i disagree :)
ILuv2WritePoetry Apr 3, 2011
I think, it can be, depends on whos drawing it. in the hands of a real artist manga can become a thing of beauty.
i wouldn't say that the panels are always art, but in telling a story, it definetely is
If someone dumps a load in the grass and someone places a flower on it it's art
Art can be anything <3
That's one reason why it's so amazing :)
Of course manga is a form of art. I would define art as anything created with the person's mind in thought and it being executed in visible object. Even a baby's scribble on a page can be counted as art-but it is art in it's most simplistic form- manga would not only be counted as art but an art of beauty due to a concept that you will see throughout all good manga series...the images must be as realisticly drawn as possible
Manga is most defiantly art. I love manga. but some manga (and u hav to admit this) looks like scribles! i am a fan of manga that is more "real" looking, not entirely real but... more then comics u kno?
You know what pisses me off? those paitings that are just a blank background with just a risk in red for example and the artist asks two thousand dollars for it. Then people say "oh, but is abstract art", sorry but I dont think the idiot who made that can call himself an artist. I know is rude to say something like that and I'm probably wrong I just think is so unfair with people with REAL talent who work their asses off trying to be recognized.
Oh yeah, btw manga IS SOOOO ART.
I've become rather tired of people ranting about how manga isn't art. I, personally, fail to see how modern art (Like kicking a can, filling a garbage bag with air, or dumping random splatters of paint on a canvas) can be counted as more artsy than anime/manga.

Just because the style is ridiculously popular and a bunch of idiots decide that they'd have more luck trying to draw in that style than realistically doesn't make anime/manga less of an artform.

I know that realistic artists get grumpy when their art, which they believe they work harder on and requires more skill to create, doesn't get as many page views or favorites as something done in the anime/manga style. But it's rude and totally against the artistic perspective to throw a fit and declare it not art.
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